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Technology In Retirement Village Albany

7 ways to use technology to enhance your retirement years 

Retirees of today didn’t grow up with advanced technology. And because we aren’t what they call ‘native users’ (where an ability has been acquired at birth/a very young age) it certainly makes it harder for us to adapt to all of these gadgets and gizmos. 

Which is why so many of us shy away from most kinds of technology – we don’t understand it and it’s confusing. But actually, by not embracing all the benefits that come with it, we really could be missing out. Technology isn’t actually something you have to be afraid of, it’s just about sorting through all the stuff that doesn’t interest you, and learning about what does! And we can promise that there’s always someone to help. 

So check out these 7 ways you can use technology to enhance your retirement years. 


Complement your daily life

There are some amazing home automation technologies available to incorporate into your day-to-day life. 

From smart speakers that you can talk to, play music from and set reminders on, to lighting, jugs and heating that can turn on at specific times, almost everything you could think of is possible with automation. And yes, the options can be overwhelming. But as mentioned above, it’s not about jumping on board with everything and anything, it’s about understanding what could benefit you and make life a little more easier and/or enjoyable.   

Stay social wherever you are

Perhaps one of the most beneficial aspects of technology is how it can keep you in touch with cherished friends and family. And it’s not just a voice at the end of the phone, as you can almost be transported to a new location simply by using video calling! 

It’s always extra special to see the faces of those we love, and technology can allow us to do so when we are unable to travel and be there in person. 

There’s also the opportunity to reconnect with long lost friends, colleagues or relatives by using the internet. Imagine catching up with someone you haven’t seen or talked to in years! 

Track your health 

Let’s face it – as we get older there’s a lot more to remember when it comes to taking care of our health. And technology is there to help at every step! From setting reminders about when to take medication, to tracking long term illness symptoms and logging vitals at home, you can also keep in close contact with your doctor and other health care professionals.

Appointments and consultations can also be done over video calls, minimising the need for travel, and monitoring devices can help you keep on top of any medical concerns you have – alerting family if need be.

Learn a new skill

Technology opens up a world of opportunities when it comes to learning a new skill. You could undertake long distance study in a subject matter you’ve always been interested in, or simply log into Youtube and make the most of all the tutorial videos they have on there for almost every hobby imaginable!

Be entertained 

Games aren’t just for the young, but for the young at heart too! From traditional games like chess, cards and word finds, to gardening, home and interior design, to cooking, there’s enough to keep you entertained for hours on end. And there’s also a lot of games you can also play remotely with friends and family, a great way to keep in touch and interact with the grandkids! 

If games aren’t your thing, you can still be entertained by all the programmes and movies available on streaming services, and podcasts too if you feel like shaking up your listening schedule.

Have peace of mind

For all the fun that comes with technology, there’s also a serious side to its capabilities. Security and monitoring can be extremely beneficial, especially for those who live alone. 

Wearable medic alert buttons are probably the first that come to mind, but video doorbells, high-tech smoke alarms and remote locking doors are all helpful gadgets to have around the home.   

Enjoy lifestyle convenience 

Don’t have time to get into the bank, or need to do a food shop but you’re away for the weekend with family? You can do it all online! Most supermarkets now do delivery, and many other services are available through smart applications. 

Technology is about adding convenience to your life, not adding stress or anxiety about having to use it. So find someone in your local region who can help to grow your confidence (Seniornet is a great place to start) and benefit from all of the ways it can elevate your retirement. 

If you think you might like to find out more about what life is like at our lifestyle village, we’d love to hear from you. We welcome your enquiry and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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