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Christmas At A Retirement Village Highgrove Grandkids Love

Christmas at a Retirement Village

The Christmas season is upon us once more. Time to don the xmas jandals, string the fairy lights and start the hunt for the perfect Christmas dinner chook. December is a very festive time here at Highgrove Village, and we love celebrating with our residents and their families. Here is your guide to a wonderful holiday season while living in a retirement village. 

Invite Friends or Family to Stay

Did you know that you can have short-term guests to stay? That’s right! Friends, family and relatives are always welcome at Highgrove, so they can celebrate the holiday season with you. With our two-bedroom apartment option, you will always have enough space. 

If you need options outside of your home, Auckland is full of great and affordable accommodation options. With public transport on your doorstep, and the city a short bus ride away, you and your guests are never short on options. 

Holiday Away?

Are you planning on Christmas in the tropical sun, or in the magical Yuletide markets of the Northern Hemisphere? If your holiday plans take you away from home, you can rest assured that your apartment is safe, maintained and will be ready for you when you come back. One of the greatest benefits of village living is that all of the exterior maintenance and day to day operations of your home fall to village managers. You can soak up the sun, adventure, or catch up with loved ones without worry. 

Book a Room

Christmas can be a difficult time for those with reduced mobility. Holding a Christmas for everyone can become a real challenge when family homes aren’t fully equipped. Our village has a large community room, equipped with a small kitchen and dishwasher, that is available to book for our residents. Central, supported and fully equipped for those of all mobility levels, our rooms are a great options for Christmas day, holiday parties or even just a family get together. If you are interested, please get in touch with our village manager

Whip Up a Feast!

Are you a pavlova whiz, or world-famous for your scalloped potatoes? Good news, each of our apartments come with fully-functional kitchens, with the latest appliances. You have enough room for your sous chef and enough fridge space for any leftovers! If you are not a keen cook, we, as always, have our catered meals that can be delivered to you or served in our dining room. 

Christmas is a magical time to be spent with friends, family, and loved ones. If you are looking for some help, or have any questions, we are always available to talk. Get in touch.

Whether you are with us, or enjoying your time away from all of us, Happy Holidays and we look forward to seeing you in the New Year.

Merry Christmas!

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