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Blogging In Retirement Benefits Highgrove

How Blogging can Benefit Retirees

Blogging: the internet phenomenon that has taken the world by storm. The internet is populated with blogs on everything from anxious armadillos to Zambia’s zealous zones. The best part is anyone with a computer, some time and a story to tell can contribute to the blogosphere. Retirement is the perfect opportunity to start your own blog and reap the benefits of becoming a modern-day storyteller.


Connect with Friends and Family

It has never been easier to keep up to date with friends and family than in this digital age. Blogging is the perfect opportunity to keep your loved ones in the loop and feel connected. If you are adventuring abroad, consider spending a few moments writing a travel blog. Detail the places you saw, the treats you devoured and the pictures you took – all while you’re away. You friends and family will love hearing from you, and it will make home feel a little bit closer. 

If you’re home, a blog can be a great way to update friends and family on what you are up to. Through blogs, we can bridge physical distance and connect with the people that matter the most. Consider writing once weekly or fortnightly about the news that matters to you, and encourage your loved ones to do the same. 


Document Your Life

Many of us look back on our lives during retirement. After decades of moving forward, the pause of retiring allows for reflection on everything you’ve achieved. Consider using a blog as a way to document your own history. Recall your favourite, hardest, or strangest experiences that made you, you. It can seem strange writing about yourself, but take it as an opportunity to record your history for your grandkids. Blogging is a great opportunity to preserve the stories that may have been lost to the ways of time. 

Start from right now. What does your life look like now? Build on this, and work backwards chronologically or just take the time to write moments that you want to recall. Write for yourself, for your friends, and for your family. Blogging is a wonderful way of tying your history to your present. 


Grow Your Community

Everyone has felt alone at one point or another. Unfortunately, retirement can be a time that many find isolating. Leaving work means saying goodbye to the people you spent every day with, and, believe it or not, conversations from the water cooler start to be missed. One of the things recent retirees miss the most is the sense of community that comes with a workplace. Blogging can bring together people from all walks of life who share a common interest, passion or skill. For example, avid knitters may search for their next project on blogs, and comment questions or thoughts. There are communities for a wide range of interests, and starting a blog can be a great way to engage in these groups and share your passions.

Not only can you find like-minded people through blogs, but you can find people going through the same things. There are blogs from people going through every experience on the planet, and if there isn’t–write it! 


Build your community, reconnect with loved ones, and tell your story through blogs. The world is your oyster on the internet, so go, write! We’d love to hear your stories.


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