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How Retirement Villages Can Improve Your Health

Moving into a retirement village is a big step, and we talk a lot about how Highgrove Retirement Village is not your grandma’s nursing home! In many ways, we consider ourselves a ‘lifestyle village’ as we prioritise helping you get the most out of your golden years.

That being said, it is easy to see that retirement villages such as ours carry some significant health benefits as well. If you, or a loved one is considering a move into a village, then make sure you keep these four great health benefits in mind.

Easy Access to Facilities

Have you ever put off going to the gym because the traffic or the weather looked bad? Well, those days are in the past at Highgrove. Retirement villages such as ours have exercise equipment and swimming pools on site and accessible for all residents. With a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces, Highgrove has something for every fitness level, ability, and season.

A favourite with our residents is the indoor heated swimming pool and spa. Year round you can dip your toes in or complete some laps – and only have a short walk back to your apartment! Swimming is a great way to incorporate aerobic exercise into your day, and is linked to a reduced blood pressure, cholesterol, and reduces your likelihood of developing diabetes and heart disease.

Or if walking is more your speed, you can take in the sights with our scenic walk. Our village is conveniently located in Albany, but you can escape into nature and feel the fresh air all without leaving the village. Walk the boardwalk, immerse yourself in our gardens, or wander the courtyard in a car-free sanctuary. Not only is this enjoyable, but your heart, mental health, and overall wellbeing will thank you for it!


Still struggling to motivate yourself to get out there? Our village activities are open to all and are a great way to stay active and socialise. We offer a huge range of activities – from housie, to arts and crafts, to group exercise classes. Plus, we are constantly adding new groups and activities at the suggestion of our residents. Retirement villages are a great place to test out new hobbies amongst like-minded people, and nothing beats being taught by an expert!

Staying active and pursuing hobbies is fundamental to having a healthy retirement. Research suggests that individuals who invest time into activities they enjoy are less likely to suffer from stress, low mood, and depression. That’s not all! Hobbies and leisure pursuits are associated with lowering your blood pressure and stress hormones.

Strong Community

One of the most common issues amongst retirees is feelings experiencing social isolation and loneliness. Often, we do not appreciate how much working contributes to our social lives. While you may abhor grabbing drinks with co-workers after work, full-time work brings you into contact with people every day and can be missed once you retire. Studies suggest that isolation and loneliness can be associated with a myriad of issues- including higher blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, and Alzheimer’s.

When you move into a retirement village you become part of the community. Highgrove perfectly balances socialisation and a vibrant community with private and luxurious apartments so you can get the best of both worlds. Whether you are extroverted, introverted, or something in between, you can have the just right amount of interaction on your terms.

Support When You Need It

The biggest selling point of villages such as ours is the flexible levels of support and our excellent on-site medical care. Highgrove’s Patrick Ferry House offers a variety of services from day care, respite, and rehabilitation to rest home and palliative care. With Patrick Ferry House only meters from the main village, you stay close to the ones that matter most. Whether you need a short visit, or on-going care, Patrick Ferry House provides world class medical care in comfortable modern rooms.

Furthermore, our residents also require fewer off-site hospital visits and time away from their loved ones. We know first-hand how important family is – after all, we are a family owned and operated village, so our priority is keeping couples, family, and friends together, even when circumstances change.

Retirement villages offer many things, but most significantly, they provide you a space to enjoy your retirement without sacrificing things such as security. At Highgrove you can stay connected to new and old friends, try new hobbies, get active, and know that we have your back throughout it all.

If you are considering a move, we would love to discuss some of the advantages of village living with you! Get in touch

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