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Looking At A Retirement Village Highgrove Blog

What to Consider When Looking at a Retirement Village

It can be hard to choose the retirement village perfect for you or your loved ones! Sometimes, it may feel like a big change with too many things to consider. Finding the perfect fit doesn’t always have to be difficult. Consider these six key things when deciding on your next home.


Large communities can feel daunting, which is why many people turn to smaller, more personal villages. Without compromising on facilities, smaller villages such as Highgrove Retirement Village, offer a more compassionate and friendly experience where the focus is on you and your needs.


With the right retirement village, you can enjoy all of the benefits of living at home with the peace of mind, and the support of a community. One thing you will never have to sacrifice with Highgrove Retirement Village is your independence. You can continue to do everything you love. After all- it is your home! Have friends and family to stay, go on holiday, or cook up a storm. It is all up to you. You just have the luxury of onsite support and assistance if you do need it at some point.

On-Site Activities

A Columbia University study recently published that engaging in hobbies is linked to reduced stress-related diseases and slows cognitive decline. When considering a retirement village, it is important to ask whether you can continue to pursue what you enjoy. From outdoor games, swimming, arts and crafts, to movie screenings, there is always something to do. We strive to provide a community atmosphere and facilities to match what you want from your retirement.

Personal Space and Privacy

There is a misconception that moving into a retirement village means forfeiting your personal space and privacy, this is far from the truth! Privacy is one of our utmost concerns, and we strive to ensure you enjoy the balance of community and privacy. With personal residences that include a fully functioning kitchen, large private living spaces, and the option of one or two bedrooms, you have the freedom of living as you wish in your own home.


One of the biggest advantages of village living is flexible support to offer you peace of mind, regardless of your care requirements. When considering your next home, think of how your home may change alongside you. Highgrove Retirement Village shifts with you, offering independent living all the way to 24/7 care, so you are always supported, without losing your independence.

Friendly Staff and Family Feel

Moving can be a big shift, so it is important to find a village that feels like home. Talking to staff can put your mind at ease, ensuring it is a friendly environment with a family feel.

Finding your next home doesn’t need to be scary. Consider these six key things when looking at your potential homes so you find the perfect fit.

To explore what living at Highgrove Retirement Village is like, book a viewing or read more on our website.

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