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Health And Saftey In Retirement Village Albany

Safety First! Prioritising your health and safety in retirement 

It probably goes without saying, but times have been tough. From being separated from friends and family, to worrying about our own personal health and safety – ‘normal’ life has been turned upside down! 

But as the saying goes, it’s important to try and let go of what you can’t control, and focus on what you can. It will help to reduce negative thoughts, and by choosing to put energy into what you can change, it allows you to live in a more positive manner. 

So with that in mind, how can you proactively prioritise your health and safety in retirement? 

Check your home for hazards 

Ensuring your home doesn’t present you with any potential safety hazards, that could cause trips or falls, is highly-recommended to help prevent accidents. Here’s a few simple ways to reduce your risk: 

– In the kitchen, put things that you use everyday in a place that is easy to reach. – Make sure rugs or mats have anti-slip mats underneath, and if you’re always having to straighten them out, they are probably a trip hazard. 

– Always use a non-slip bath mat in the shower and a bath mat out of the shower. – Check for any water leaks from your shower onto the floor, it could cause you to slip. – In your living areas, make sure there are no cords or wires near walkways, and try to keep things on the floor to a minimum. 

– Tuck your slippers safely away every night so you don’t risk tripping on them when getting out of bed. 

– Have plug in sensor lights that activate when you move, so they can come on in the night. 

Regular checkups 

Visits to the doctor are typically reserved for when we are not feeling well, but it is actually a good idea to book a regular checkup with your GP or health practitioner. This is because they can keep an eye out for anything that might indicate an underlying health condition – like high blood pressure or an irregular pulse. These types of things may not currently make you feel ill, but they could lead to something more serious that would.

Your doctor or health practitioner can also give you up-to-date advice on ways to keep well, and what kind of health screening may be available if you were interested. 

Eat well and exercise 

Yes, we all know that eating well and regular exercise is the best way to stay healthy, especially moving into the more senior years of life. But it’s easier said than done right? 

The thing is, a lot of healthy food can actually be very delicious! It’s just about making a bit of an effort to consider what we’re eating and whether it could be swapped out for something that’s kinder on the heart (and the waistline). And if walking or jogging isn’t for you, there’s plenty of enjoyable ways to exercise – as long as it moves your body, then it’s good for it! 

Mind over matter 

Our brains are amazing, but as the saying goes, you’ve got to ‘use it or you’ll lose it’. So make sure that you’re doing some sort of regular activity that keeps your brain active, which shouldn’t be too hard – as a lot of that stuff is fun! Think crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, trivia, reading, learning something new, meditating, playing a music instrument or getting creative. 

You’re never too old to get your brain into gear, just pick something you enjoy and try to integrate it into your every day. 

Choose the right place to live 

Choosing where to permanently retire is a big decision for many and there are a variety of factors to consider. Of course you want to be near family and/or friends if possible, but that’s not always going to work for everyone. And while you will want to keep your independence for as long as possible, there will become a time where you want to know that assistance – should you need it – is close by. 

Which is why one of the most beneficial things about living in a lifestyle village is that help is only a quick call away. Your health and safety is the top priority of the care providers and staff, which is beneficial for retirees who are concerned about their health and safety. 

Throughout Covid-19 here at Highgrove, we have been able to keep our residents safe, by maintaining strict protocols inside our villages. But we have also been able to continue to care for them, ensuring their health is still prioritised and that they have everything needed to continue with their day-to-day living. And we’re proud to be able to help ease their worries during this stressful time.

If you think you might like to find out more about what life is like at our lifestyle village, we’d love to hear from you. We welcome your enquiry and will get back to you as soon as possible.

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